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Recycling voucher (= 1 box max. 15kg)
20.00 € 20.00 € 20.0 EUR
How it works?

1. Order a voucher in the Market or Express shop to send us a box. The purchase will be mentioned on your order confirmation as if you were buying clothes.
2. 1 box costs 20€ (ex. VAT) and may weigh up to 15 kg. This cost includes all recycling costs, processing by social project and shipping to our recycling partner.
3. Fill the box with the clothes.
4. Send the box(es) to us by post.
5. We collect all the clothes from us and inform our partner GAIA CIRCULAIR to start the recycling process.

1. Only clothing is allowed in the box.
2. The clothing must be washed even if it is worn.
3. Clothes must be unpackaged.
4. 1 box weighs a maximum of 15 kg.